Welcome to the ReportPlus Server help!



ReportPlus Server brings its powerful creation and viewing experience to Web. Easily access your dashboards and reports with an intuitive interface.

Follow this link for the Embedded SDK Guide.

ReportPlus Server’s features include:



Access to all your dashboards: With ReportPlus Server, you can view dashboards in your device by clicking the dashboard thumbnail images in the initial view.


Connections to different data sources: Connect to popular Enterprise data sources without setting anything up on the server. Access Dropbox, Analysis Services, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Salesforce, SharePoint and Excel or CSV based dashboards.


Support for all iOS and Desktop dashboard styles: Dashboards are more than the sum of their parts. Style them with one of the more than 20 themes available in iOS and Desktop, and view them in ReportPlus Server.


Support for all iOS and Desktop views: 26 different data visualizations set in iOS and Desktop can be viewed in ReportPlus Server. Those include multiple chart types, maps, gauges and more. There also is a personalized, DIY, HTML-based visualization.


Customize widgets & dashboards: ReportPlus Server supports displaying configured Dashboard Filters, including Date Ranges, as a means to easily slice the contents of all the widgets in a dashboard at once. It also supports displaying multiple dashboard filters simultaneously when configured in iOS and Desktop.


Export and Grant Users Access to your dashboards. ReportPlus Server supports exporting your dashboard to a CSV file. You can also grant users different access levels to your folders and dashboards.