Microsoft Dynamics CRM

To configure a Microsoft Dynamics CRM data source, you will need to enter the following information:

  1. Data Source Name: this field will be displayed in the Data Sources list.

  2. URL the URL for the Dynamics CRM site (for example, http://crm.YourCompany.local).

  3. Credentials: after selecting Credentials, you will be able to enter the credentials for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM site or select existing ones if applicable.

    • Name: the name for your data source account. It will be displayed in the list of accounts in the previous dialog.

    • (Optional) Domain: the name of the domain, if applicable.

    • Username: the user account for the Dynamics CRM website.

    • Password: the password for the Dynamics CRM website.

Once ready, select Create Account. You can verify whether the account is reaching the data source or not by selecting Test Connection.