SharePlus Mobile Workspaces

By using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, SharePlus can display rich mobile workspaces to enhance the user experience. In addition, high quality interactions can be achieved by using CSS and JavaScript frameworks like JQuery.


Besides that, SharePlus provides a JavaScript API that gives access to SharePlus data, giving you the ability to present dynamic content from the server, even while offline.

For more information on SharePlus Mobile Workspaces, refer to the SharePlus Developer Guide.

Custom HTML Mobile Workspace

Building a HTML mobile workspaces is especially powerful. When combined with SharePlus URL Schemes, you can create a custom HTML page with markup, images, CSS, and virtually any content you want to display.


This page can contain links to different locations in the application to navigate or open SharePoint content.

JavaScript API

A set of pre-defined API functions can be used to access the SharePlus application, retrieve data from SharePoint, and display information in your mobile workspaces.

Working with the API allows you to create custom-tailored mobile workspaces with full control over layout and behavior. This flexibility is further empowered by the possib ility to present dynamic content from SharePoint like announcements, events, news, or any other content from the server. Your mobile workspaces can access SharePoint data even while the app is not connected to the server.