The Search Module

This module allows you to search server content by keyword and retrieve results from all connected portals and cloud providers (except network drives) at the same time. Filters like location, scope, date, result type, and author help you narrow the retrieved results which are displayed in an organized list view.


Using the search filters, you can refine the search by location, result type, modification date, author and scope.





Define the search area.

SharePoint site, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.

Result Type

Specify the expected result type.

Documents, spreadhseets, presentations, pdf, images, visualizations, files, sites.

Modification Date

Refine the search criteria by date.

Past 24 hours, past week, past month, past six months, past year, earlier.


Filter the search by author name.

Any potential author name.


Define the relevant area for the search.

All Sites, People.

To open unauthorized content, you need to provide the required credentials.


Search Offline

Search results are displayed in an organized list view, but only synchronized content is available (lists or documents that have Keep Offline turned on). For example, the "Financial and Legal Documents" folder below is accessible offline, while the "Images" library is not.


The green icon in the first folder is what indicates that it can be accessed offline. If no content is found, or no documents have been set to Keep Offline, you will see the "No Results" error depicted below.


FAST Search APIs are compatible with SharePoint Search APIs, therefore, the basic core of functionalities provided by FAST Search are supported by SharePlus.