IValueListOwner Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IValueListOwner.

Public Properties
 PropertyControlReturns the owner's control  
 PropertyDisplayStyleReturns the EmbeddableElementDisplayStyle that indicates the default look and feel of the ValueList items.  
 PropertyEditControlReturns the active edit control (if any)  
 PropertyImageListReturns the imagelist of the control  
 PropertyIsDropDownListTrue if this is a drop down list type where there is no edit control  
 PropertyScrollBarLookReturns the Infragistics.Win.UltraWinScrollBar.ScrollBarLook instance which defines the appearance for the scrollbar displayed by the dropdown.  
 PropertyScrollBarViewStyleReturns the Infragistics.Win.UltraWinScrollBar.ScrollBarViewStyle that indicates the default look and feel for the scrollbar displayed by the dropdown.  
 PropertySizeOfImagesReturns the size of images in the image list collection.  
 PropertyUltraControlReturns the IUltraControl associated with the owner.  
 PropertyValueListsReturns a ValueList Collection  
Public Methods
 MethodOnCloseUpCalled when the dropdown is closed up  
 MethodOnListGotFocusCalled when the list portion receives focus.  
 MethodOnSelectedItemChangedCalled when a swapdropdown item has changed  
 MethodOnSelectionChangeCommittedCalled when a new item is selected and that change to that item is completed  
 MethodResolveValueListAppearanceResolves the value list's appearance  
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