Windows Vista Look and Feel

Below is a list of items that we added to the Presentation Layer Framework™ (PLF) to support the new Vista style for WinToolbarsManager™.

  • Vista Color Table — We added a new WindowsVistaColorTable to manage all the colors used in the Vista style. This ColorTable affects WinToolbarsManager menus and toolbars and has two ColorSchemes : BlueGreen and Blue.

  • New Gradient Styles — In 2006 Volume 3, we added new glass-type gradients to the GradientStyle enumeration to support the Office 2007 look and feel. The Vista style has a slightly different gradient for toolbars which prompted us to add four new gradients to the enumeration.

new gradient styles for vista style
new gradient styles for vista style
new gradient styles for vista style
new gradient styles for vista style





  • New Button Styles — We added two new button styles to the UIElementButtonStyles enumeration to support a standard Vista button (WindowsVistaButton) and a Vista button designed specifically for a toolbar (WindowsVistaToolbarButton).

new button styles for vista style
new button styles for vista style



  • New Border Style — The new WindowsVista border style, located in the UIElementBorderStyle enumeration, displays with a four-color border. Depending on the color you chose in the BorderColor property of the associated Appearance object, the top border displays the color specified, while the remaining borders display varying shades of the chosen color. You can view an example of this border style in the new gradient style images above or the editor style below.

  • New Display Style for Embeddable Editors — We added a new WindowsVista option to the EmbeddableElementDisplayStyle enumeration.

new embeddable editor style for vista style
  • New Scrollbar Style — We added a new WindowsVista option to the ScrollBarViewStyle enumeration to emulate how scrollbars look in Windows Vista.

new scrollbar style for vista style