Using Command-Line

The Infragistics Project Version Utility application can also be run from the command prompt. The command line interface allows you to pass in the information at the command-prompt, or create batch files that upgrade solutions.


Infragistics.VersionUtility.CommandLine.exe /?

The table below specifies the command-line arguments:

Command Line Parameters Description


Displays available command-line parameters


Provide solution file, project file or directory (to search for) to upgrade.


The version/volume to upgrade the solution too. You don’t need to specify this switch if you just want to upgrade your source to the latest volume found on the machine.


To be specified if you want to upgrade from one CLR version to another. If your upgrade is not changing CLRs, then you don’t need to specify this switch.


Specify path to assemblies you want to use. You can use this option multiple times to specify multiple assembly locations.


When this switch is specified, a backup of files will not occur.


By default the utility will always backup files.


Hint paths are not updated when this switch is specified.


Allows you to specify verbose logging for the console window.


Log file is always verbose.

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