Record Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by Record.

Public Properties
Public PropertyDataPresenterReturns the associated DataPresenterBase (read-only)  
Public PropertyDescriptionGets/sets the description for the record  
Public PropertyExpansionIndicatorVisibilityGets/sets if an expansion indicator is shown for this record  
Public PropertyFieldLayoutReturns the associated FieldLayout (read-only)  
Public PropertyFixedLocationIndicates whether a Record is fixed and if so to which edge.  
Public PropertyHasChildrenIndicates if this record has any child records (read-only)  
Public PropertyIndexThe zero-based index of the record in its ParentCollection (read-only).  
Public PropertyIsActiveGets/sets whether this record is set as the DataPresenterBase's DataPresenterBase.ActiveRecord  
Public PropertyIsContainingCardCollapsedReturns/sets whether the containing CardViewCard element is collapsed to only show its Header and not its Content.  
Public PropertyIsContainingCardCollapsedResolvedReturns whether the containing CardViewCard element is collapsed taking into account the setting of the IsContainingCardCollapsed property as well as the CardViewSettings.ShouldCollapseCards property.  
Public PropertyIsDataRecordIndicates if this is a data record with a data item from the data source.  
Public PropertyIsEnabledGets/sets whether this is record is enabled  
Public PropertyIsEnabledResolvedGets whether this is record is enabled (read-only)  
Public PropertyIsExpandedGets/sets whether this is record is expanded to reveal its children  
Public PropertyIsFixedGets/sets whether this record should be fixed, i.e. not scrollable.  
Public PropertyIsSelectedProperty: gets/sets whether the record is selected.  
Public PropertyIsSpecialRecordIndicates if this record is a special record (filter record, summary record, template add-record etc...).  
Public PropertyNestingDepthCalculates the number of parent records in this record's ancestor chain (read-only)  
Public PropertyParentCollectionReturns the collection that this record belongs to.  
Public PropertyParentDataRecordReturns the parent DataRecord or null (read-only)  
Public PropertyParentRecordReturns the parent record or null (read-only)  
Public PropertyRecordManagerReturns the associated RecordManager  
Public PropertyRecordTypeReturns the type of the record (read-only)  
Public PropertyShouldCollapseEmptyCellsReturns/sets whether Cells contained in this Record should be collapsed if they contain empty values.  
Public PropertyShouldCollapseEmptyCellsResolvedReturns whether Cells contained in this Record should be collapsed if they contain empty values.  
Public PropertyTagGets or sets an arbitrary object value that can be used to store custom information about this object.  
Public PropertyTopLevelGroupReturns the top level group if this record is nested in GroupByRecord parent records.  
Public PropertyUltimateParentRecordReturns the top level parent record (i.e. the record with no parent)  
Public PropertyViewableChildRecordsReturns a read only collection of this record's direct child records whose visibility is not set to 'Collapsed'.  
Public PropertyVisibilityGets/sets the visibility of the record  
Public PropertyVisibilityResolvedGets the resolved visibility of the record (read-only)  
Public PropertyVisibleIndexReturns the visible index in the collection (read-only)  
Protected Properties
Protected PropertyHasListeners (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected Internal PropertyIsActivatableProperty: Returns true only if the record can be activated  
Protected Internal PropertyIsSelectableProperty: Returns true only if the record can be selected  
Public Methods
Public MethodGetAssociatedRecordReturns the associated record from the UI DataPresenterBase during a print or export operation.  
Public MethodIsAncestorOfDetermines if this record is anywhere in the parent chain of the record being tested.  
Public MethodRefreshSortPositionIf the record is not at the correct sort position in the record collection, this method will reposition it at the correct sort position based on the current sort criteria. Also if the record is in the wrong group record, it will be moved to the correct group record.  
Public MethodResetExpansionIndicatorVisibilityResets the value of the ExpansionIndicatorVisibility property.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodOnFirstListenerAdding (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodOnHasListenersChangedOverridden. Called when th number of PropertyChanged listeners changes to or from zero.  
Protected MethodOnPropertyChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Protected MethodRaisePropertyChangedEvent (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
Public Events
Public EventPropertyChanged (Inherited from Infragistics.PropertyChangeNotifier)
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