AssigningCategoryStyleEventArgsBase Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by AssigningCategoryStyleEventArgsBase.

Public Properties
Public PropertyEndDateGets the end date  
Public PropertyEndIndexGets the end index  
Public PropertyFillGets or sets fill brush to use for the current item.  
Public PropertyGetItemsGets a function that will return the items associated with this event.  
Public PropertyHasDateRangeGets if this event has a valid date range  
Public PropertyHighlightingHandledGets or sets if highlighting was handled by this event handler, and whether internal highlighting logic should be skipped.  
Public PropertyHighlightingInfoGets or sets highlighting info  
Public PropertyIsNegativeShapeGets if the current shape is identified as a negative shape if this series supports discrete negative shapes.  
Public PropertyMaxAllSeriesHighlightingProgressGets the max highlighting progress from all series.  
Public PropertyOpacityGets or sets opacity to use for the current item.  
Public PropertyStartDateGets the start date  
Public PropertyStartIndexGets the start index  
Public PropertyStrokeGets or sets stroke to use for the current item.  
Public PropertySumAllSeriesHighlightingProgressGets the sum of highlighting progress from all series.  
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