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Dear Lifeboat Reseller,

Thank you again for your interest in Infragistics products. We are eager to uncover new opportunities within your customer base and drive more business directly back to you!

To help you get started with Infragistics solutions, take a look at the links on the right to create an email that can be branded with your logo. With minimal effort, you’ll have a professional message that’s ready to be sent to your customers.

Ideal candidates for this message are customers who:

  • Have shown interest in developer tools in the past
  • Have purchased Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Develop in Windows Forms, .Net, WPF, jQuery/HTML5, iOS, Android and many more similar.

If you need support in creating a branded message, please do not hesitate to contact our team. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers and add new revenue to your business by expanding your product offerings. We look forward to your feedback!