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ASP.NET MVC Controls

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Quickly and effortlessly create advanced, stylish, and high performing UIs for ASP.NET MVC with Ignite UI. Leverage the full power of Infragistics’ JavaScript-based jQuery/HTML5 control suite with easy-to-use ASP.NET MVC helpers and get a jump start on even the most demanding Web applications.

    • Asp Mvc Helpers

      Got high volumes of complex information and need a chart that can analyze millions of data points in milliseconds? Get the job done with our MVC Helper.

    • Jquery Apps With Speed

      When you use our MVC Helper to build your data grids, you’ll get the fastest product on the market, as proven by rigorous performance tests.

    • Asp Mvc Worknatively

      Ignite UI offers ASP.NET MVC wrappers for every jQuery widget. Run components on the server side while keeping the same interactivity you get from HTML5 and enjoy a seamless experience on all browsers.

    • Asp Mvc Sample Application: Project Management Dashboard

      Our sleek Project Management Dashboard simplifies resource tracking and time management thanks to Infragistics’ powerful jQuery/HTML5 & ASP.NET MVC tools. Download the source code to make this potent sample your own.


Looking for info on how to use Ignite UI with ASP.NET MVC? Need help “translating” your JavaScript into MVC helper syntax? We’ve got detailed blogs written by our world-class developers, how-to videos that are easy to follow along with, and a community more than one million developers strong, to help you get you started in a snap.


Don’t waste valuable coding time on revisions. See your application without writing a single line of code with INDIGO STUDIO, our rapid prototyping tool.

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Infragistics has the UX expertise, prototyping tools, and UI controls to help you make strategic decisions about your technology landscape. You’ll create memorable user experiences by default when you work with our team of consultants to integrate UX into your development process. And when you standardize your development on our UI controls and prototyping tool, Indigo Studio, you’ll get to see your whole app before building it with the best of breed desktop, Web, and mobile toolsets you’ll find in Infragistics Ultimate. Discover how we can help your Enterprise today.

Download Asp.Net MVC Controls as part of the ULTIMATE Developer toolkit 


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