Represents a font for the cell in the related context.

If a property of a font has a default value, value of the previous font in resolution chain is used. The resolution priority is the following: Cell (highest priority) Row Column Default Cell Format (lowest priority) For example, if a column font is set to blue and bold and a row font is set to italic and not bold, the font in the cell at the intersection of the row and column would have blue, italic text in the saved workbook.



  • IWorkbookFont

Implemented by


_bold$i: Nullable$1<boolean>
_italic$i: Nullable$1<boolean>
_strikeout$i: Nullable$1<boolean>
bold: null | boolean
height: number
italic: null | boolean
name: string
strikeout: null | boolean
superscriptSubscriptStyle: FontSuperscriptSubscriptStyle
underlineStyle: FontUnderlineStyle


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