Interface IPivotDimension

Configuration of a pivot dimension.

Implemented by


childLevel?: IPivotDimension

Allows defining a hierarchy when multiple sub groups need to be extracted from single member.

The dataType of the related data field.

displayName?: string

Display name to show instead of the field name of this value. *

enabled: boolean

Enables/Disables a particular dimension from pivot structure.

A predefined or defined via the igxPivotSelector filter expression tree for the current dimension to be applied in the filter pipe.

level?: number

Level of the dimension.

memberFunction?: ((data) => any)

Function that extracts the value

Type declaration

    • (data): any
    • Parameters

      • data: any

      Returns any

memberName: string

Field name to use in order to extract value.

sortDirection?: SortingDirection

The sorting direction of the current dimension. Determines the order in which the values will appear in the related dimension.

width?: string

The width of the dimension cells to be rendered.Can be pixel or %.