Provides data for IgxDataChartComponent mouse button related events.



  • IgrChartMouseEventArgs



  • get item(): any
  • Gets the ItemsSource item associated with the current event.

    Returns any

  • set item(v): void
  • Parameters

    • v: any

    Returns void

  • get nativeElement(): HTMLElement
  • Returns HTMLElement

  • get originalSource(): any
  • Gets a reference to the object that raised the event.

    Returns any


  • Returns the x- and y- coordinates of the mouse pointer position, optionally evaluated against the origin of a supplied UIElement.


    • relativeTo: any
      • Any UIElement derived object that is contained by the the engine plug-in and connected to the object tree. To specify the object relative to the overall the engine coordinate system, use a relativeTo value of null.

    Returns IgPoint

  • Provides a human readable description of the mouse button event.

    Returns string