Class IgrGridCustomFilterRequestedEventArgs



  • IgrGridCustomFilterRequestedEventArgs



  • get expression(): IFilterExpression
  • Sets the filter expression to be used.

    Returns IFilterExpression

  • set expression(v): void
  • Parameters

    • v: IFilterExpression

    Returns void

  • get filter(): IgrFilterOperand
  • The custom filter that was chosen.

    Returns IgrFilterOperand

  • set filter(v): void
  • Parameters

    Returns void

  • get filterFactory(): FilterFactory
  • Gets the filter factory.

    Returns FilterFactory

  • get nativeElement(): HTMLElement
  • Returns HTMLElement

  • get value(): any
  • The value that was provided in the editor for the filter.

    Returns any

  • set value(v): void
  • Parameters

    • v: any

    Returns void