Class IgcListItemComponent

The list-item component is a container intended for row items in the list component.


  • Renders custom content.

start - Renders content before all other content.

end - Renders content after all other content.

title - Renders the title.

subtitle - Renders the subtitle.

start - The start container.

end - The end container.

content - The header and custom content container.

header - The title and subtitle container.

title - The title container.

subtitle - The subtitle container.



  • LitElement
    • IgcListItemComponent



styles: CSSResult[] = ...

Array of styles to apply to the element. The styles should be defined using the css tag function, via constructible stylesheets, or imported from native CSS module scripts.

Note on Content Security Policy:

Element styles are implemented with <style> tags when the browser doesn't support adopted StyleSheets. To use such <style> tags with the style-src CSP directive, the style-src value must either include 'unsafe-inline' or nonce-<base64-value> with <base64-value> replaced be a server-generated nonce.

To provide a nonce to use on generated <style> elements, set window.litNonce to a server-generated nonce in your page's HTML, before loading application code:

// Generated and unique per request:
window.litNonce = 'a1b2c3d4';