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Design and Build Real Apps Blazing Fast

Indigo.Design App Builder is a brand-new cloud-based WYSIWYG drag & drop tool that helps teams design and build complete business apps faster than ever before. Part of Indigo.Design, the world’s only Digital Product Design Platform with a complete Design to Code solution.

Accelerate the Way You Design, Test, and Build Apps

With Indigo.Design and the new App Builder, team productivity changes forever! Backed by a complete design system, compatible with popular design tools like Adobe XD, Sketch & Figma, with real UI controls, endless theming options and standards-based code output, there is no limit to what you can build with the Indigo.Design App Builder.

Accelerate App Delivery

With Indigo.Design, your team gets a single working environment. Managers, designers, and developers are not forced to use multiple tools to manage the single source of truth during the design process. This reduces friction, miscommunication and expensive errors that usually occur in handoffs.

Accelerate App Delivery

Complete Templates & Starter Layouts

Hit the ground running with one of our pre-built app templates or use one of our preset layout options to build your app in no time. Just tweak our design, swap a theme and you are done!

Complete Templates and Starter Layouts

100% Cloud-Based WYSIWYG

No need to download anything, not heavy IDE's, and not 3rd party dependencies. Everything is on the web, accessible by your whole team on any platform.

100% Cloud-Based WYSIWYG

Instant Real-Time Preview

See your running app and live source code in real-time as you design. Feel the interactions, see how it looks, and experience your app experience - instantly.

Instant Real-Time Preview

Features that Both Designers and Developers will Love

App Builder featuring code preview and Visual Studio code

Get Production Ready Code

Everything you design results in production ready HTML, TypeScript & CSS for Angular today and React, Web Components, Blazor and more when we ship in early 2021! You can see it in real-time as you create, or download a complete zip file of the app.

App Builder featuring rich layout system

Eliminate the Boring Tasks

Focus on what is important, not the boring, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. With a rich layout system and complete toolbox of components, create screens and full apps in minutes instead of hours!

App Builder featuring themes and styling

Limitless Themes and Styling

Use pre-built themes and typography (Material, Bootstrap & Fluent) or customize to match your own app theme and corporate branding on a per-control, per-screen, or per-app basis.

App Builder featuring the ability to import Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma designs

Import Sketch, Adobe XD & Figma Designs

With one click, take your static designs and get interactive, responsive apps with real UI components and styling.

App Builder featuring the ability to iterate on your app design before code

Complete Iterative Design

Use the power of the Indigo.Design Cloud Digital Design Platform to iterate on your app design before you write any code - with prototyping, team collaboration, user testing, analytics and more - right from the App Builder. Get to pixel-perfect before you start coding!

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What's in this Public Preview Release?

  • Full WYSIWYG App Design
  • Material, Bootstrap, Fluent and Custom Themes & Typography
  • UI Controls Library with Properties Editors
  • Data Repeaters with Data Binding
  • Layouts with Relative, Absolute, Fixed & Sticky Positioning
  • Download Complete Angular Project
  • Instant App Preview & Code Preview
  • Library of Sample Apps and Starters

What's Coming Next?

  • More UI Controls in the Toolbox
  • Advanced Component properties
  • Custom Component Support
  • Excel and JSON Data Sources
  • Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma Import
  • React, Web Components Code Generation
  • Concurrency for Team Design
  • More Samples & Layout Starters
  • Custom Layout Templates
  • and lots, lots more!

Learning Resources

Get started with the resources you need to create amazing user experiences.

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Get Started with App Builder

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