Create your first prototype with Indigo Studio

Create your first prototype

Bring your vision to life using Indigo Studio’s built-in UI control packs, interactions and animation timeline for transitions.

As you add interactions, Indigo Studio dynamically creates a visual graph showing exactly how someone will use the prototype. When you are done wire-framing, you are also done prototyping!

Create reusable design libraries

Create custom UI components once, and reuse them for any prototype.

You can combine built-in UI elements or make your own custom components complete with nested interactions and behaviors. Just as easily, you can share your design libraries with your team or the community.

Create reusable design libraries
Prototype for mobile with Indigo Studio

Prototype for mobile

Indigo Studio includes a mobile-focused UI control pack, so you can immediately prototype your next mobile app without creating new UI elements.

Make use of built-in screen transitions and touch gestures to create prototypes that look, feel, and act like a real app on your mobile device.

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