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Improve Productivity with the Built-in UI Elements

Get the most commonly used controls in a neutral/minimal style that can be used to design many common Web, desktop, and tablet prototypes, as well as some mobile prototypes that don’t require platform specific controls. Start off quickly by using over 30 built-in UI elements and add further customization to your prototype concepts with shapes and images.

Modern, Interactive Controls

Indigo Studio's common, interactive controls have a modern, minimalistic, neutral style. These controls have interactions built-in, to save you lots of time. Tabs have functional tabs, drop downs drop down, trees expand and collapse, repeaters and other lists scroll, progress bars and sliders slide!

Indigo essentials controls

Common Shapes

Integrate common shapes and use a custom shape tool with support for Bezier curves. These are great for illustrating custom controls, emphases, or even custom icons.

Indigo Shapes And Annotations

Resizable Stencils

Leverage vector-based, resizable stencils to use as placeholders for advanced controls.

Indigo essentials stencils

Over 300 Icons

Choose from over 300 categorized, searchable icons in the Icon control.

Indigo essentials icons

Repeater Control

The advanced custom Repeater control can be easily set up to customize lists of repeatable items.

Indigo essentials repeater