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How to Design and Build Better Products
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Learn the ten time-tested best practices that simply make products better in Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Stuff Better. Whether you’re a UX designer, a product manager, a business owner or a developer, these essential guidelines and checklists, shared by UX guru Eric Reiss, will help you evaluate and improve your products from the user perspective.

  • Zero in on the five ease-of-use principles that separate good products from great ones.
  • Bring elegance and clarity to your design so things are visible, understandable, logical, consistent, and predictable.
  • Follow the "next steps" that show you how to put these ideas into action, even when you don't have a budget or the support of your superiors.

As a bonus, this Special Indigo Edition of Usable Usability comes with guided learning chapters, so you can put these principles into practice with Indigo Studio (which you can download and use now for free).

About the Author

Eric Reiss has been actively involved in the creation of service-design, multimedia and web projects for over 30 years, including such clients as SAS, British Airways, eBay, Amazon, IKEA, and the United Nations. Eric was Chairman of the EuroIA Summit from 2005-2014, serves on advisory boards of the Copenhagen Business School and is a former Professor of Usability and Design at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. From 2004-2008, Eric has also served on the Board of the Information Architecture Institute, including two terms as its president.

Eric is CEO of the FatDUX Group, a user-experience and service-design consultancy headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with offices and associates worldwide.