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Add Comments to Prototypes

Share your prototypes on to add comments to the prototype. As an owner of the prototype, you get email notifications when someone adds a new comment. Reviewers can also subscribe to receive email notifications by providing an email address. You can prevent new comments at anytime, and mark comments for follow up or archive any comment.  Try adding comments here!

All your shares in one place

Share all your prototypes privately on by simply signing in inside the app before sharing your designs. You can access anything you shared on using the web browser on any device. You no longer need to open Indigo Studio to access your share history.

Share Private

Organize and manage your shares

It’s not just about viewing your shares; you can assign tags to each share to group them and use the built-in filters to view shares by device type. Use COLLECTIONS to create a curated set of shares. A collection gives you complete control over the ordering/sequence. And then, just as easily, share a link to the entire collection. This means that you can send a single link giving the reviewers access to a set of selected prototypes.

Tag Selected

Edit share details or download project files

Want to change the share title or description after it's been shared? Want to download the project files used for the prototype? let’s you edit the details for your share directly from the website, and also lets you download the project files. If the files on your computer get corrupted or deleted, you can re-download them from your uploaded prototype!

Share Details

Browse and download from community is also powered by the community. Freely browse and download any share (prototype or reusable UI library) contributed by the community of Indigo Studio users. And it’s easy for you to contribute too by changing the visibility of your share from private to community! Anything you share with the community is released under the MIT license for software use.



View and download trends

Track how many times a share has been viewed or downloaded using the built-in analytics. Filter views and downloads by week, month or from the date of share to see the trend.



Install Sharing & Collaboration Server On Premise

Want to get all the benefits of but just for your enterprise? Ask us about an on premise installation for and get your own authentication, your servers, and your very own enterprise users.  Contact us about on premise installation today!