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Integrated User-Centered Design with Storyboards

Incorporate real-world context of use into your designs by leveraging Indigo Studio's integrated storyboards. You can create storyboards to capture situations from a human perspective using scenes and screens from the prototype, and integrate them directly into the storyboard boxes.

You won't find another tool that does this like Indigo Studio. Choose from over 100 built-in real-world scenes that put people in the picture in different contexts of use. Then pull in states to illustrate each step; you can even overlay these on scenes that have placeholders for screens. Use actual prototype screens in your storyboards, to create a natural flow between the story/user-oriented design and the screen/app-oriented design.

Storyboard Image

Built-In Scenes

Built-in scenes in the storyboards enable you to put people in the picture in different contexts of use. You can also pull in states of screens to illustrate steps and overlay these on scenes with visible screens.

Indigo Storyboard Scenes Key Features Image

Prototype Screens and States

You can use prototype screens and screen states in storyboards.

Indigo Storyboard Screens Interactions Key Features Image

Illustrate Choices

Utilize branched storyboards for illustrating choices or parallel user paths in your prototypes.

Indigo Storyboard Branches Key Features Image

Run Your Prototype Directly from the Storyboard

When you need to present your ideas quickly, you have the ability to run the prototype directly from a screen on the storyboard.

Indigo Storyboards Run Screen Key Features Image

Pre-Populate a Storyboard Using the Screen Interaction Explorer

Export your prototypes directly from Screen Interactions Explorer to create a storyboard. You can use this feature to highlight a particular user path through a prototype.

Indigo Storyboard Export Interactions Key Features Image