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Make the Switch and Get Infragistics Ultimate for $899!

Promo Code: SAVEIN2016

Infragistics Ultimate

Why should you make the switch to the most popular developer productivity toolset on the market?

Here are the top five ways Infragistics Ultimate makes it easier for developers to be more productive – and a special offer code to get more than 50% off your Infragistics Ultimate purchase!

The Latest Innovation Right to Your Inbox – Instead of twice-annual major releases, we’re transforming to an "always on" shipping model in 2017, which means you won't need to wait for updates like our upcoming developer productivity tools, Xamarin Controls, usability testing tools releases, and more!
Angular 2, Bootstrap Support for JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC Controls – Build touch-first responsive apps with Ignite UI, the complete HTML and JavaScript toolkit for building modern browser experiences on any device – desktop, tablet or phone.
Fast, Code-Free Prototyping and Instant Usability Testing at Scale – Know if your next app will be a hit before a line of code is written with Indigo Studio. Design for today's most popular iOS and Android devices, the web or desktop, run your prototype from any device with a web browser and get user feedback too.
Grids and Charts with Blazing Speed – We've got grids and charting controls for web, mobile, and desktop apps that can take on thousands of data points with lighting fast speed. Experience our easier APIs and better default settings for smother rendering.
Modern Desktop Experiences – Update your UI with our new Color Picker, enjoy new controls and themes, an improved grid, and all the tools you need to give your users the Office experience they expect with our desktop components.

Ready to make the switch? To welcome you to the Infragistics family, we'd like to give you 50% off your purchase of Infragistics Ultimate (with Standard Support only, 5 seats or less).

Enter promo code SAVEIN2016 at our Online Store to purchase Infragistics Ultimate for $899 (regularly priced $1,995) – hurry, offer ends 12/31/16!

Promo Code: SAVEIN2016