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One Codebase, Three Platforms: Empower Your Users with Native Dashboards Created in Xamarin.Forms

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Easily Create Dashboards for iOS and Android platforms with Xamarin.Forms

With the rise in the BYOD movement, your users increasingly need access to real-time data on a variety of platforms. But don’t worry about learning each one – our newest sample applications will show you how to use your existing C# or XAML skills to create powerful visualizations for iOS and Android devices. Along with the source code, we’ve got informative webinars, video tutorials, and in-depth blogs to help you give your users an accurate snapshot of their business, on demand.

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On-Demand WEBINAR: Building Native Mobile Apps in C# with Xamarin.Forms & Infragistics

Learn how to use your existing XAML, C# & Visual Studio skills to design & build native mobile apps that target iOS and Android with a single codebase, in our latest webinar. Infragistics Senior VP of Developer Tools, Jason Beres, and Xamarin Developer Evangelist, Michael James, will walk you through how to use Infragistics’ cross-platform native UI controls - like high-performance business charts & data grids - with Xamarin.Forms, to build your next great mobile app!

Get Started on your dashboard with our How-To-Videos

Our easy-to-follow video tutorials are packed with everything you need to get your app up and running. Take a look!

Bring Your App to life with our UX Services team

Anyone can throw together a bunch of data and call it a dashboard. But when you need to find real insight in your information, trust the UX Services team at Infragistics.
Our designers, developers, and UX experts don’t just help you solve problems – they help you build amazing dashboards that move your business forward.
Contact our team today to learn how Infragistics can help you!

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