Editors includes the following controls: Currency Editor, Date Time Editor, Mask Editor, Numeric Editor, Percent Editor, Text Editor

Apply editing features to your applications such as text prompts, spin buttons and more. 

Our ASP.NET AJAX editors let you display a watermark or null value prompt text such as "Please enter a value" that disappears when the editor receives focus. Take advantage of the convenient spin buttons that let users increment/decrement values or cycle through a list of choices.
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Our ASP.NET AJAX editors readily plug-in to our other ASP.NET AJAX controls including the WebDataGrid™, WebHierarchicalDataGrid™ and more.
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Use our editors with many of our ASP.NET controls.  

Our ASP.NET AJAX editors support the ASP.NET validators so that you can check if input passes certain validations where it is least costly--in the browser.
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Validate users information as it is entered.