Export WinGrid data to Excel with as little as one method call.
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Instant Exports 

WinGridExcelExporter events allow customization of exported data before any row, column or cell is written to the worksheet.
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Event Driven Export 

WinGridExcelExporter replicates the WinGrid data presentation using comparable Excel formatting features, such as using row grouping to create a nested, hierarchical view on normally flat 2-dimensional worksheets. (CardView is not supported.)
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High Fidelity 

The export engine writes .XLS files in the BIFF8 file format compatible with Microsoft Excel 97 and later, and .XLSX/.XLSM* files compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 and later, enabling you to share spreadsheets with a worldwide audience of users.
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WinCalcManager formulas in the WinGrid can be automatically converted into the equivalent Excel function (i.e., [Price]+[SalesTax] exports as =SUM(A1:A2)).
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Seamless Formula Translation 



100% Managed Code

The export engine runs without unmanaged code access security permission.

100 Managed Code