Build more modern applications for tablets and other touch-enabled devices with the touch-supported List View control. Touch metrics support allows you to resize the control, making elements larger for better interactivity. The List View also features panning gesture support like vertical, fast, slow, and multi-direction panning and flicking; and multi-gesture support like tap, double tap, tap & drag, and tap & hold.
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Touch Experience 
List folder or files in a directory much the same way Windows Explorer does. 

Mimic the Windows® Explorer View in which files in the current directory are displayed. The Infragistics WinListView™ also supports the icons only, tiles, thumbnails, list and details view.
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Editing and rendering of item and sub-item values are handled by the familiar Infragistics embeddable editor architecture.
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Edit items within the viewed list much the same way editing occurs in Windows Explorer. 
Users can enjoy many selection modes found in Windows Explorer when using your application.  

Select single or multiple items with the keyboard, mouse click, Shift-click (continuous range), Ctrl-click (noncontiguous range), and new click-drag of a "lasso" that selects all items it touches.
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Support for Windows Vista® and Windows 7 themes, as well as fine-grained control over which aspects of the control visually depict these themes. All visual aspects of the control are determined by the familiar Infragistics Appearance object model.
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Control the display theme.