Flexible Data Binding

Data Connectors allow you to plug-in xamScheduleDataManager™ instances that handle binding to generic lists (and potentially other data sources in the future) to retrieve activities, resources and calendars.
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Bind to different types of data using the xamScheduleDataManager.  

Day View

Provides your users with a day-by-day view of one or more resources' calendars in a day planner style with variable time slot intervals, and overlapping or resizable appointments.
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Users can view multiple resources calendars for a day-by-day view of activities.  

Month View

Displays a scrollable, monthly calendar view of one or more resources' calendars when it's important to show their activities spread over weeks or multiple dates.
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Users can scroll months at a time to view activities spread over days, weeks and months.  

Schedule View

Lays out appointments horizontally for one or more resources' calendars, allowing your users to scroll horizontally through their schedules.
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Users can scroll through multiple resource calendars using the WPF schedule view feature.  


Enable users to set-up recurring activities using a set of pattern rules that are more sophisticated than what is possible in Outlook.
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Users can setup recurring appointments using the WPF schedule recurrences feature.  

Office 2010 Themes

Silver, Black and Blue themes familiar to users from Microsoft Office that can be set with one property setting.
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Update the theme of your scheduling application with the WPF Office 2010 themes.