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  • How to choose the best chart for your data
    POSTED ON: 03/14/2018 10:52 AM  BY:  Casey McGuigan
    The amount of data at our fingers tips today can be overwhelming. How do you know what really matters? Data visualizations can help, but how can you set up your data to best visualize it? What chart will help you analyze and digest the data into actionable insights? One struggle is that there...
  • Building your Company's 360 Dashboard with ReportPlus
    POSTED ON: 03/07/2018 2:54 AM  BY:  Lucia Rodriguez
    We’ve all seen those dashboards. A 360 dashboard can be very hard to build when you need to include information from different departments. It is especially difficult if the information is needed for a presentation; how to include all items within a single dashboard? With ReportPlus,...
  • How to Embed Analytics into Your WPF Project
    POSTED ON: 02/28/2018 10:45 AM  BY:  Lucia Rodriguez
    In an age where users are looking for a high-value application with everything inside it or one to rule them all, it is becoming increasingly important for developers to keep their users interested. This is even truer for corporate users, who are meant to stay within the available...
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