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When you work with Infragistics, you get full access to the people, the processes, and the tools to drive success in your next project. Need to migrate your legacy apps from desktop to modern Web or Mobile platforms? Our experts will walk you through the high-level vision, complex design and detailed technology analysis required for a seamless transition. We also offer a range of services including technology strategy, product redesign, and UX training; we even have the enterprise-grade UI components that, when standardized upon, can help you build solutions that reduce development costs and increase your ROI. No matter what size project you’ve got, let’s work together to create something extraordinary.

Success in Action

For an inside look at how Infragistics UX Services Team can help you succeed, check out this video case study exploring a recent partnership. When Transport4 needed to improve the overall user experience of T4, its flagship petroleum distribution software application, Infragistics rose to the challenge and became a strong partner that not only improved the UX and visual design of T4, but also brought it to the next level with mobile device options.

The level of detail required to create the project’s new design concept spanned over several months with weekly meetings and several field trips to consult directly with end users. Our team learned the technical vocabulary and workflows of the domain, created and validating more than 100 screens and finally specified the final design solution for Transport4. In the end, Infragistics made all the difference in accomplishing an extremely complicated project not only through our knowledge & expertise but through the involvement of UX specialists that truly cared about the success of the client.

“The single biggest reason I would recommend Infragistics is their qualified caring people that take pride and ownership in delivering a product that we as a customer are beyond excited to share with our customers.”

- Mel Sweeney, Marketing, Sales & Customer Service Manager at Transport4

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