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From chat support to whitepapers, we’re not just a component vendor; we’re a trusted partner in your development process.

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A Strong Community

Populated by more than a million developers (and Infragistics staff!) who are ready to share their problem-solving know-how with you, our interactive Forums are the place to go to discuss our UI and UX tools and get answers to any development question you might have.

You can also check out the steady stream of info in our extensive blogs. Updated multiple times a day, you’ll find posts on everything from enterprise-level data visualization insights, key product release updates, to musings on how pumpkin spice flavored everything relates to user experience.

Hands-On Help

Are you more of a “dive in and get right to it” developer? We’ve got you covered with a complete library of videos in a range of topics that span browsers, platforms, and devices. Need a 3 minute clip on how to bind data to the grid? How about a full-scale interactive webinar led by seasoned experts? You’ll find all this and more on our Videos Page.

Sample Apps

We even have a library of full-featured Sample Applications in every platform that are sure to spark your creative fire, too. From ASP to WPF, simply grab the source code of your favorite templates, open up Infragistics Ultimate, and get coding in minutes.

Expert Advice

Sometimes you need information at a higher level - that’s where our case studies and thought-provoking whitepapers come in. Filled with client success stories and detailed insights into today’s top technology trends, these resources offer thought leadership and provide decision making assistance when you need it most.

And if you need expert guidance, turn to the UX Services team at Infragistics. Our designers, developers, and UX gurus don’t just help you solve problems – they help you build amazing applications, with consulting and training services that run the gamut from technology strategy to product redesign and beyond.

Unmatched Support

When it comes to support, Infragistics’ award-winning team is the best in the business. With Priority Support, you get 24/5 worldwide assistance and a guaranteed response within one business day. We also offer a variety of support options that allow you to contact us on your terms: need to talk now? Give us a call. Our online help team is ready to help if you prefer email. You can also chat online with experienced developers, not customer service screeners. The point is, we’re here to help you when and how you need us.

“My company just purchased the Ultimate software package from Infragistics and I just wanted someone to know that your team has done an excellent job getting me up and running with your product. I have been looking at purchasing a product similar to this for months. I had 4 different products from various companies loaded on my computer and was evaluating them to decide which one to purchase. Your software, and moreover, your people that help with the support team and sales, were head over heels better than your competition.”

- Customer Testimonial

Develop the Ultimate Experience

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