Webinar: Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges Through Embedded Analytics

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Event Description

With more industries across the globe adopting and increasing reliance on data analytics, the importance of actionable insights has never been higher. Healthcare, like other industries today, is changing and evolving with embedded analytics. 


In this webinar you’ll discover how predictive and actionable analytics are changing the landscape in the Healthcare industry through improving patient care quality, operational efficiency, cost-savings, and reducing human errors.  

Key takeaways from this webinar include: 

  • Learning how to track, analyze, and act on data through embedded analytics for better decision-making and improving patient care. 
  • Seeing how building healthcare dashboards and other visualizations can track and monitor patient health, hospital performance, and more. 
  • Discovering how to reduce resource waste and healthcare costs by identifying emerging problems and developing preventative plans. 
  • Learning how BI platforms with dedicated solutions in healthcare like Reveal are solving today’s healthcare data challenges