Alex Kartavov / Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Alexander Kartavov, I am currently working at Infragistics in the position of ASP.NET Product Leader. My responsibilities include but not limited to planning and overseeing the ASP.NET controls development, testing, documenting, and delivery. Sometimes they let me code.

This was not always like that, however. In my backpack I have a lot of experience of developing ASP.NET grid controls. I was there from day one when the UltraWebGrid was born; I am still here supporting it and its successors - WebDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataGrid. That is why these blog series, that I am starting, will mostly be dedicated to the wonderful world of ASP.NET grid controls.

Hope you will enjoy these blog series. And can't wait till i get your feedback!

Thank you for your attention.