Infragistics Undo/Redo Framework CTP

Ambrose Little / Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did you know we CTP'd a new Undo/Redo framework with our last release?  Well, we did!

And we'd love to get feedback from you--do you think it's useful? How would you use it? How would you change it?  That sort of thing.

Here's a quick rundown of the key features:

  • Undo/Redo History Stacks – The UndoManager automatically manages the Undo/Redo history stacks. The collections raise change notifications and therefore may be used as a source for providing a UI that displays the entries in the history stacks.
  • Built-In UndoUnits – The framework includes a number of built in undo units that provide support for undoing/redoing property and collection changes.
  • Delegate UndoUnit – The framework makes it easy to add a method/delegate as an operation in the undo/redo history.
  • ObservableCollectionWithUndo – The framework includes a derived ObservableCollection that makes it easier to add support for undo/redo of collection changes.
  • Transactions – Provides the ability to group one or more operations into a single history entry. One may also rollback a transaction performing the operations that were stored up to that point.
  • Custom UndoUnits – The framework allows developers to create their own custom UndoUnit to support undo/redo of other types of operations.
  • Commands – A number of built in commands are provided to make it easier to invoke an Undo/Redo operation from within your UI.

Go download (for WPF or Silverlight) and play with the bits!

Let us know what you think. You can either email me (ambrose at infragistics dot com) or post in our for WPF or for Silverlight forum. We'd really love to get your feedback, and no better time than now!