Announcing TestAdvantage for WPF

Ammar Zuriki / Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Do you have WPF applications that are built with NetAdvantage for WPF and you were not able to use HP QuickTest Pro to test the user interface?
The wait is over and now you can do that.
Infragistics is announcing the release of its latest testing product: TestAdvantage for WPF (for HP QuickTest Professional  software)
The new product will allow test automation engineers to record, replay, and verify data on all of Infragistics WPF controls (both Line Of Business and Data Visualization controls) The product come in two version 10.3 and 11.1 each is compatible with the same NetAdvantage version. Both of these versions support CLR3x and CLR4 applications. The product also supports side-by-side deployment and the included Version Utility makes it easy to change the active version that matches the application under test.
Some key features:
·         Record and replay actions: some control support basic record and replay but others have API like actions that are intent-aware (so your action is recorded as Activate, Select, Expand instead of Click)
·         Built-in CheckPoint support including Table view checkpoint to make it easier for tester to verify common data within the controls. Things like the content of a grid, number of rows or columns and others. All of this built right into the standard CheckPoint wizard window of HP
·         Data driven support so you get the same experience you get for standard controls
·         A number of Access methods to give tester a full access to the controls object model. This will be so powerful as it allows the user to get any property for any of the NetAdvantage control.
·         Ability to change setting preferences like record by index, wait time, break on errors, etc.
TestAdvantage for WPF is built for QTP 11 and require the following HP patches that you can download form HP site:

-          QTP_00699 - (required for testing 64-bit applications)

-          QTPNET_00113 – include a number of fixes required for the product

-          QTPNET_00114 – include a number fixes specific to 64-bit applications


If you have any question you can post it to the Product forum and the product team will be glad to help you along the way as you start to explore this new and exciting product.