A New Era of Ignite UI Help Documentation

Craig Shoemaker / Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I am excited to announce that the Ignite UI help documentation is now hosted on GitHub and is available for your contributions!

Ignite UI help topics are now on GitHub

We’ve been working hard to re-tool the entire help experience for Ignite UI which began with an brand new help viewer that went live in early 2015. Now, to accompany the 15.1 release, we are making the contents of our help documentation (excluding documents generated from code) available on GitHub.

Beyond just giving you full access to the documentation, our new process allows us to publish changes to our online help on-demand. This means updates to the documentation could be on the production site in a matter of days rather than having to wait for a full release cycle to update the online documentation.

How Do I Contribute?

Do you see a topic with a tyop typo? Have you ever thought, "I could really help improve this topic"? You can make a direct impact on the documentation by opening issues or - even better - submitting changes directly to us via a pull request.

As you get started make sure to review the repository’s README as it references important information regarding the editing process, our style guide and other resources.

We look forward to hearing from you!