Introducing the WebDataGrid / WebHierarchicalDataGrid Cheat Sheet

Craig Shoemaker / Monday, July 11, 2011

Allow me to confess something upfront. Saying the WebDataGrid / WebHierarchicalDataGrid Cheat Sheet is anything like a “sheet” is a bit of a stretch. I will say, though, in it’s 51* pages of goodness you have easy access to behaviors, events and common grid customizations. The step-by-step nature of the material demonstrates not only how to implement a specific feature of the WebDataGrid, but also describes the similarities and differences in the WebHieararchicalDataGrid.


When you first open the cheat sheet you are presented with a contents list that allows you to jump directly to the areas you are most interested:

Code Snippets

Code snippets, featuring ASPX, JavaScript and C# when applicable, are presented with any required prerequisite configuration for the grids:


Grid events are covered showing which events for are available for each grid:

Beyond standard grid events, each behavior features it’s own set of events on the client and server. The cheat sheet lists all events by behavior complete with links to the event args classes so are easily able to find out what information is available during each event:

What's Available:

At the moment the cheat sheet covers the following areas:

  • Activation
  • Ajax: Events
  • Ajax: Load on Demand (Automatic)
  • Ajax: Load on Demand (Manual)
  • Ajax: Loading Indicator
  • Ajax: Virtual Scrolling
  • Automatic Load on Demand
  • Columns: Hidden Columns
  • Columns: Moving
  • Columns: Pinned
  • Columns: Resizing
  • Columns: Unbound Columns
  • Columns: Checkbox Columns
  • Columns: Summary Rows
  • CRUD: Auto
  • CRUD: Manual
  • DataBinding: HeirachicalDataSource
  • DataBinding: DataSet
  • DataBinding: DataTable
  • DataBinding: IEnumerable
  • DataBinding: AccessDataSource
  • DataBinding: SqlDataSource
  • DataBinding: ObjectDataSource
  • DataBinding: LinqDataSource
  • Editing: Adding Rows
  • Editing: Deleting Rows
  • Editing: Embeddable Editors / Editor Providers
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to PDF
  • Filtering
  • Row Numbering
  • Row Summaries
  • Selection: Cells
  • Selection: Columns
  • Selection: Rows
  • Templating: Column Template
  • Templating: Empty Rows
  • Grid Events
  • Events by Behavior


My hope is that the cheat sheet will save you time while working with the NetAdvantage for ASP.NET grid controls and will prove to be a trusted reference during development.

Note: The cheat sheet is a great place to start if you are looking to migrate from the UltraWebGrid to the new ASP.NET Ajax grids.

Download the NetAdvantage for ASP.NET Grid Cheat Sheet

* While the cheat sheet stands at 51 pages today, this resource is a work-in-progress and will continue to benefit from periodic updates. The current version is 11.1.2.