Developer News - What's IN with the Infragistics Community? (1/11-1/24)

Dara Monasch / Monday, January 25, 2016

This installment of Developer News has an article that will teach you everything from coding via gamification all the way through how to beef up your resume with the most in-demand languages for 2016. Check it out!

CodinGame Is The Most Literal Gamification Of Coding I've Ever Seen, And That's A Good Thing (Kotaku)

Building an ASP.NET 5 website using Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and Yeoman (.NetCurry)

621+ Programming Resources — Free Stuff (Medium)

These 8 In-Demand Programming Languages are the Ones to Have on Your Resume in 2016 (Business Insider)

New Secret Microsoft Project, Codenamed Beihai, is in Development (Neowin)