How to speed the process of defining user requirements and attaining acceptance through prototyping and design

DevToolsGuy / Monday, November 21, 2016

Recap of Infragistics Ken Rosen’s session presented at Microsoft Ignite

In late September, Microsoft held its annual Ignite conference, one of the largest IT conferences in the industry, with more than 20,000 attendees. Infragistics’ very own Ken Rosen, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing, was a speaker at the event and we’d like to share the recorded presentation and slide deck of his session here!

His topic on how to “Accelerate development and user acceptance of Universal Windows Platform apps’’ featured a demo created with the advanced functionalities found in Infragistics’ prototyping tool  Indigo Studio, and gained lots of interest among the attendees. While the session focused on UWP, the best practices and tips on how to speed up the development cycle can apply to essentially all programming platforms or environments. According to research, developer teams are spending a staggering 40-50% of their effort and their budget on avoidable rework!

Ken also discussed the value of prototyping for the overall development outcome and how time, efforts and budget could be saved when prototyping and usability studies are included in the process. Finding and fixing a software problem in the requirement gathering space is easy and free because no development work has begun yet. Once the design work starts though, the time and effort cost increases by about 10x - and by the time coding and delivering are done, it is up to 100x more expensive!

You can view the recording of the entire presentation here, and be sure to check out the slide deck here.

For more information on how Indigo Studio can improve your development process, visit Indigo Studio online and its community space on where you can share your prototypes and get real-life feedback, too!