Free eBook: Top 10 Xamarin Tips and Traps

Infragistics Team / Monday, May 1, 2017

 Xamarin is extremely powerful and useful in helping you create cross-platform mobile apps quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced developer (with .NET or anything else), or if you are new to mobile app development.

Infragistics' free eBook, Top Ten Xamarin Tips and Traps gives you insights into using Xamarin and points you to resources to help prepare you for creating your next mobile app. The eBook is available for download from Infragistics in PDF and iBook formats for free (also available for Kindle), so you can read it on just about any device. Click here to download the eBook.


One of the biggest hurdles that you can encounter with Xamarin is rendering data across different devices. One of the tips in the eBook, "Implementing grid layouts with Xamarin," provides some of the common headaches and configurations for rows and columns with grid layouts. We also provide an XAML examples of creating a basic grid layout and placing data within the grid.

You’ll also frequently use NuGet to manage packages for the mobile app solution that you are working with. Packages can be integfrated into an app by using NuGet, and Xamarin offers several packages that can be combined with existing .NET packages to enable cross-platform development. Infragistics also offers control elements as packages that are managed by using NuGet.

...And Traps

After you've gotten to the point that you’re ready to test some components of your mobile app, you’ll run into one of the biggest traps of using Xamarin, at least in terms of causing headaches and using time. Xamarin and Visual Studio can use hardware emulators that mimic different versions of mobile software that you can deploy and test your mobile app on. This introduces complexities beyond just debugging your app, but also ensuring that the virtual machine emulators behave as desired.

Try it yourself

The Infragistics Ultimate UI Controls for Xamarin provides package sources that you can use to be able to write faster without sacrificing performance. The controls and UI elements that Ultimate UI for Xamarin make development easier by letting you drag and drop the desired elements and automatically populating the required properties.

Download Top 10 Xamarin Tips and Traps now, and click here to download a free trial of Ultimate UI for Xamarin.