Our Partnership with C# Corner and What to Expect

Sarah Roman / Monday, June 4, 2018

C# Corner heralds as one of the largest online social communities for IT developers and professionals to share their experiences, articles, and questions. Founded in 2000 by Mahesh Chand, the forums, blogs, videos, and comprehensive interactive materials allow for developers, from the fresh-faced neophyte to the well-seasoned programmer, to forge a community built on an extensive and fruitful learning environment.  

Recently, we've formed a strategic marketing agreement with C# Corner due to the respective leadership we each have in our fields. We'll both be working together to promote, on social media and on our website, the latest information C# Corner has to offer about developer topics specific to the Infragistics community members, such as Angular. WPF, and .NET. In return, C# Corner will continue to post articles about Infragistics' flagship products and highlight core development features.  

With around 57,500 total article views in the recent line-up, here's a breakdown of what's been posted by C# Corner: 

"Build Navigation in Angular App" 

What’s it about? "Learn the following: Install Ignite UI for Angular; Create Angular Project with Ignite UI; Introduction to Navigation Drawer..." 

"Add Validation to a Web Form Using IGValidator" 

What's it about? "IGValidator that can be used to validate a form’s input controls without writing too much code... [and how] this control provides a very high interactive design for success and failure of data validation...because it’s written in JavaScript, that makes it very efficient and easy to code." 

"Create Charts in ASP.NET MVC Using Ignite UI jQuery" 

What's it about? "How to build a complete data-presentable MVC web application using Visual Studio 2017, C#, and Ignite UI JavaScript chart controls." 

"Building a Data Driven App Using WPF XamDataGrid" 

What's it about? "How to build a complete data-driven WPF app using Visual Studio 2017, C#, and Infragistics DataGrid control, XamDataGrid." 

"Building Windows Forms Data Driven App Using UltraGrid" 

What's it about? "How to build a complete data-driven Windows Forms app using Visual Studio 2017, C#, and UltraGrid control." 

"Data Binding and CRUD Operations in ASP.NET WebDataGrid" 

What's it about? "Learn the following: Introduction to data binding in a WebDataGridImplemention of paging, filter, and sorting functionality; Auto CRUD database operations; Export records to Excel..." 

"Play Video in Angular Using Ignite UI Video Player"  

What's it about? How "The Ignite UI Video Player is an HTML 5 Video Player which renders video on a web page with a robust, cross-browser user interface." 


Moving forward, be sure to keep up on the news from both C# Corner and InfragisticsYou can do so by following both C# Corner and Infragistics via their respective Twitter handles. If you're looking to try out any of the products mentioned in the articles, be sure to check out Ignite UI for AngularIgnite UI for JavaScript, or our full developer kit with Ultimate 18.1.