ReportPlus iOS: What’s new in version 5.1.6

Lucia Rodriguez / Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new version of ReportPlus, which focuses on creating an overall better experience when creating widgets and exporting dashboards. We’re aware of the hassle it might represent for you to effectively communicate with other colleagues when presenting insights, so we have also enhanced our view mode features.

Annotation Editor UX Update

The annotation editor has been in ReportPlus iOS for a very long time, and we felt it was time for a facelift! Not to worry – all functionalities are there, but the shapes and text options are now available in a single menu.

Annotation Editor UX

You can still add any of the shapes available in the toolbar, including squares, circles, lines, arrows and free drawing options. As always, you can change the background or stroke colors, opacity, and width. 

Annotated Dashboard

If you choose to add text annotations, you can also change the size of your text box, its opacity, or the font’s weight and size.

Column Sorting for raw data Grid Visualizations

The previous ReportPlus release allowed you to sort columns in view mode, introducing the ability to filter data dynamically. This functionality was previously restricted to the grid visualization. With our latest release, however, you can now apply sorting when looking at the data behind any of our visualizations.

Column Sorting

Start Position for Pie and Doughnut Charts

Pie and Doughnut charts have long been avoided because of the difficulty of reading slices that are not aligned or have poor comparing angles. ReportPlus makes this easier for you by allowing the possibility of configuring a starting position for your visualization at any of the four cardinal directions.

Start Position

iOS 11 Support

As of version 5.1.6, iOS 11 is supported. This includes a new login screen for Facebook and Twitter, because social accounts have been removed from Settings as of iOS 11.

Documentation Improvements

We are also happy to announce that we have introduced a few new sections in our documentation to accompany the latest ReportPlus build:

  • A list of supported devices and operating systems has been added.
  • The feature matrix for all ReportPlus platforms has also been added for users to have a better understanding of what features are included in each application.

Download ReportPlus iOS today and continue to tell your story within minutes!

The 5.1.6 release of ReportPlus gives you even more control over your visualizations, with new capabilities introduced for charts, grids, and a new annotation experience. Download the iOS application from the AppStore and start enjoying these new features!

Curious about other ReportPlus platforms? Install Android on your device or download a free Desktop trial today to get you started. If you’re interested in learning more about ReportPlus or how to install ReportPlus Enterprise Server, get in touch today

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