NetAdvantage for Visual Studio® LightSwitch™ now supports Visual Studio 2012

[Infragistics] Anatoli Iliev / Monday, June 25, 2012

As Microsoft almost released its completely new Visual Studio 2012 the Infragistics controls are fully supported on the new platform.

After a successful installation you'll get the Infragistics LightSwitch Extensions installed and visible from within Extension Manager of Visual Studio.


Then, by enabling the extensions for your application in the properties of the project you'll be able to use all controls found in NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch.

The Infragistics Grid for example that can visualize and change data in various data sources. 

Here is a row of the Infragistics Grid set to visualize the data using Infragistics Numeric Slider.



The Infragistics PieChart:


Or the powerful Infragistics Pivot Grid:


Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch comes with a new Cosmopolitan Shell but you can still use the Infragistics Shell and the themes that come with NetAdvantage for Visual Studio LightSwitch.



So, Infragistics comes with very good and competitive support for the newest Visual Studio on the marker even before Microsoft prove a RTM build. Be the first that experience the power and flexibility of LightSwitch with the best UI controls on the market using Visual Studio 2012.


Author: Ivaylo Mihaylov.