A look at Windows Phone 8

DevToolsGuy / Thursday, November 8, 2012

Microsoft has gotten around to releasing a new version of its Windows operating system this week. Well, actually a couple of versions. As well as Windows 8 (what do you mean you missed it? It’s the one without the Start button!), they also released Windows Phone 8. Already available on devices such as the NokiaLumia 920 and HTC 8X, Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s latest release to compete with Apple. How do they fare? Well… if you are were a fan you will certainly be a bigger fan with this release. If you were not sure, it may be time for you to take another look. We like it, a lot. Here are a few reasons why:

Support for better hardware
Perhaps more so than other areas of computing, mobile devices are roaring ahead in terms of power and processing speeds. This version of Windows Phone offers support for multicore processors, higher resolution screens, expandable storage and device-to-device sharing via Near Field Communication (NFC).

A More Personal Phone
The new Start screen features three sizes of Live Tiles, allowing you to customize your phone just the way you want it. Windows Phone is the most personal device out there. Make it your own.

Kids corner
One of the ways Microsoft is taking the mobile phone battle to its competitors is with new features such as this. Kids corner lets you create a sort of “guest account” on your phone that your kids can use to access it. You can limit exactly what this guest mode can and can’t do, giving your kids just enough freedom with your phone without fear of huge data bills or them accessing content they shouldn’t.

Internet Explorer 10
We are always keen to see the browsing capabilities of phones improve so IE 10 is great. Key here is faster rendering time, hardware accelerated graphics, and improved HTML5 support.

Better Apps
Under the hood, Windows Phone 8 offers many new features to developers. How does this affect you? You can expect to see better apps and even more of them. More iOS and Android games will make their way to Windows Phone. More apps will support voice recognition and speech. The Start screen will come alive with more useful Live Tiles.

All in all, the latest features in Windows Phone 8 will exceed your expectations… and fuel your addiction to your mobile phone.