Build beautiful Android apps with our Iguana UI controls

DevToolsGuy / Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It is easy to think that Apple has the monopoly on beautiful mobile apps, but that just isn’t true. The Android platform is home to some stunning products, and here at Infragistics we are doing our bit to help. We have a large number of tools and products that can help you build great looking, new, and innovative Android applications. These products include:

  • IndigoStudio - A rapid prototyping tool for creating animated user interface mockups. Indigo Studio is an extremely powerful tool that can help you get the UX of your Android app just right. And best of all, version 1 of the tool is totally free, and always will be (future versions will be paid).
  • IgniteUI - Ignite UI offers standards compliant ASP.NET wrappers and pure client side jQuery controls. It can be used to turbo charge the performance and capabilities of your Android apps, by providing rocket-fast performance and stellar data visualization.
  • IguanaUI - The Iguana UI pack is our dedicated Android set of controls. A true community effort, these controls have been developed with the help of Android developers themselves. With this closed source library of high end controls we have taken a “release early, release often” approach to give you the best possible tools.

The Iguana UI pack currently consists of a powerful Data Chart control, capable of displaying hundreds of thousands of data points on numerous types of charts. Built-in support is provided for multi-touch gestures, offering intuitive ways to pan, zoom, and drill down into the data.

The possibilities for “data rich” Android apps are limited only by the imaginations of developers, and we are excited to see what the community can come up with. Here are a few ideas for apps to provide some inspiration:

  • Sleep and health monitoring apps are very popular this year. Why not build an app to help users monitor how many steps they take a day? The app could then provide beautiful charts showing how active the user is over days, weeks, and months.
  • Lots of people in the web development community make huge use of Google Analytics and other web stat services. Why not build a rich data app to put these numbers in people’s pockets?
  • In these turbulent financial times many people are trying to carefully control their money. Why not create an Android app to help people monitor their budgets or weekly spend? The Iguana UI Chart control can help you build easy to read charts summarizing the data.