Top Five iOS Development Resources

DevToolsGuy / Friday, March 29, 2013

The Apple app store is one of the most popular in the world, with over 40 billion apps downloaded since it went live in 2008. Nearly half of those downloads were last year, so clearly there is a growing appetite for apps. Lots of you reading this will have tried your hand at developing iOS apps, or at least it will have crossed your mind. If it’s crossed your mind but you haven’t taken a crack at it, many of you may have wondered the following: Where do you start? What help is out there? Let us help by pointing you towards some useful iOS development resources. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other good tips that might be of use to developers!

Official Apple iOS DEV Center
You need a developer account to get the most out of this site (and there is a yearly fee to pay), but it is the official source of documentation for iOS development. Lots of good video content as well. This one is a must for anyone serious about iOS development.

Apple App Review Guidelines
If you’ve spent even a moment considering developing for the app store, you will know Apple reviews every app that appears in it. You’ll also be aware that the results aren’t always clear cut, and the web is often filled with stories of disgruntled devs who can’t work out why they were rejected. Here is the official rule book to get you started, best of luck!

O’Reilly iPhone Resources
O’Reilly has long been the final word in guides and tutorials for a wealth of technical and programming topics. Things are no different when it comes to the iPhone and other iOS devices. This site links to all of their relevant materials.

It won’t take long in your iOS app development career before you are trying to design the most beautiful of interfaces. This site is dedicated to icons for mobile development, and even includes Retina enhanced images for Apples top end devices. This resource is very useful for the creatives among us.
If you don’t know of this site by now then you are either an incredibly skilled developer, or you’ve been in hiding for a few years. Stack Overflow is a vital source of knowledge on all kinds of programming and developer topics.