Why CodeProject.com is Essential for Programmers

DevToolsGuy / Friday, September 20, 2013

Developers and programmers looking for a forum to exchange their ideas and read about what others have done should strongly consider browsing CodeProject.com. The website, which currently boasts more than 10 million members worldwide, was founded by Chris Maunder, who has been programming since 1988, as a way to provide devs and programmers with the resources they require to complete their daily tasks and stay updated on the latest technologies impacting their fields.

CodeProject.com includes sections for various article topics, including content highlighting tips and tricks for users, as well as beginner and technical blogs. The site also allows developers and programmers to submit their own topics and blogs to help the community.

The site also includes a robust list of discussions with a wide range of topics. This section includes areas highlighting Adobe technologies, ASP.NET, JavaScript, .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, Silverlight, web development and application lifecycles, among plenty of others.

Users looking for specific help in particular areas can take advantage of CodeProject.com's quick answers section. This area includes questions and answers for topics like C#, ASP.NET, C++, VB.NET and C#4.0.

CodeProject.com is much more than just a discussion board. The website also provides developers and programmers news content, surveys, product showcases, press releases and other material.

There are always new developments and technologies that emerge that greatly influence the roles of developers and programmers. Those looking for a valuable channel to keep pace with such trends, communicate with colleagues and find answers to any issues they are having can benefit greatly from the resources provided by CodeProject.com.