Installing/Uninstalling the Version Utility Visual Studio 2010 Extension

Nikolay Arhangelov / Monday, June 6, 2011

The Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 Version Utility Extension enables you to update solutions, projects, and websites within Visual Studio 2010. The procedures bellow walk you through the process of installing/uninstalling the extension.

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 add-in should automatically install into Visual Studio 2008 when you run the Version Utility installer.

Installing the Utility

  1. From Windows® > Start menu > All Programs > Infragistics, select the Version Utility VSIX shortcut. (Figure 1)

    Figure 1: Opening Version Utility VSIX.

    This will open a Windows Explorer window. (Figure 2)

    Figure 2: The Infragistics.VersionUtility.VisualStudio.2010.vsix file displayed in Windows Explorer.
  2. In the window, double-click the Infragistics.VersionUtility.VisualStudio.2010.vsix file. This will open the Visual Studio Extension Installer dialog. (Figure 3)
    The Visual Studio Extension Installer dialog lists the available products for which the Version Utility extension can be installed.

    Figure 3: The Visual Studio Extension Installer dialog.
  3. Mark the desired products and then click the Install button. (Figure 3)
    This will install the Version Utility extension on the selected products. Once the installation is complete, the Installer will display a notification. (Figure 4)

    Figure 4: The last Visual Studio Extension Installer dialog in case of successful installation.
  4. Click the Close button to close the dialog and exit the installer.

Uninstalling the Utility

The uninstalling procedure described below is required even after uninstalling the Version Utility from Add/Remove programs. This is because the installer does not remove the extension from Visual Studio 2010.
  1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Extension Manager.
  3. From Installed Extensions > All category select the Infragistics Version Utility.

    Figure 5: The MS Visual Studio Extension manager with the Infragistics Version Utility selected.
  4. Click the Uninstall button. A confirmation dialog will show (Figure 6).
    Figure 6: Confirmation dialog.
  5. Click Yes to confirm. The uninstall process begins.
    Once the uninstallation process is complete, the Extension Manager will show that the Infragistics Version Utility has been removed. You will still need, however to restart Visual Studio 2010 so that the changes made during the uninstallation to take effect, as stated by the note at the bottom of the window (Figure 7).

    Figure 7: The MS Visual Studio Extension Manager after the uninstallation.
  6. Click the Restart Now button to finalize the installation.
    Visual Studio 2010 restarts and is now ready to use with the Infragistics Version Utility removed.

Service Releases

When a Version Utility Service Release occurs, if you want to update a solution, you will have to perform the uninstalling first and then the installing in order to update the extension inside Visual Studio 2010. The Service Release installer will not automatically perform the update for you.

Upgrading the Infragistics Version

To upgrade the Infragistics version:
In the Solution Explorer of Visual Studio 2010, right-click on a project or solution and, from the context menu, select Upgrade Infragistics Version. (Figure 8)

Figure 8: Upgrading the Infragistics Version through the right-click menu.

An alternative approach would be to select the same command from the Tools menu of Visual Studio 2010 when a solution is loaded.


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