Top 5 XAML Tutorials - YouTube

Robert Kim / Tuesday, October 14, 2014

For anyone interested in learning more about XAML and how to get a better understanding of the language, I’ve compiled a list of the best tutorials currently available on YouTube. To start the list off, it’ll be some of the better beginner tutorials so you can start off with a solid introduction.  

1. SilverlightShow Video Channel

Here’s a lecture style, recorded webinar of an introduction to XAML on Windows 8 delivered by Gill Cleeren. The webinar uses a combination of PowerPoint slides and screen recordings for one of the more balanced XAML tutorials on YouTube.

2. Makis Maropoulos

Bob provides a quick but gentle introduction for people interested in learning XAML. He provides an informative guide to learning XAML and tries to explain what he can at a high level. This introduction will be able to teach beginner developers a majority of what they’d need to know, all within less than half an hour. 

3. EPC

The EPC Group gives a lengthier introduction and guide for XAML. In this video, there are two people trying to explain and help you get a better understanding of these varying lines of code. They present the content on screen very clearly compared to most other videos you may find on YouTube. The channel also provides a few more tutorials for those who may want to delve further into the XAML language.


Pete Brown gives a brief introduction to the new style of applications and focuses on what may be new or different for developers coming from Silverlight and WPF.

5. Visual Studio

This comes from a channel that features videos related to Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online. This video would be geared more towards those wanting to learn how to develop things within Visual Studio.

These videos should help anyone from beginner to intermediate get a better understanding of the XAML language. If you liked any of the videos, most of them have uploaded more tutorials within their channels for you to check out. Some continue on and expand upon their previous introductory videos.