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Incorrect syntax for splus:// ?


I am evaluating SharePlus for my company and we would pretty much rely in the splus:// link "feature" for bringing us to documentation via a link from another app.

I am now trying to implement this for testing but keep running into  the message "No portal available", you need to setup a new portal to access this content.....

The correponding https:// link works fine. 

I like to list the contents of a certain subfolder (12345) in the shared docoments in my request:

splus://[companyname]     (sharpoint language is swedish).

Have also tried pointing to an actual file but with same result.

What am i missing?

Best regards

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    Problem solved, overlooked the prefix for SSL

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    Offline posted

    For assistance with the "No portal available" issue, I recommend contacting SharePlus support or checking their instructions. Check that the splus:// link is formatted correctly and that the user has the relevant rights. If the issue persists, consider checking for updates or contacting SharePlus for personalized assistance.

    You may want to seek assistance from an AI software development company for advanced integration needs.

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